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The latest from LG smartwatch Appear Different

It finally became a reality, Although not the first smartwatch mobile connections (samsung first to make it), the second generation of artificial Smartwatch LG LTE connections which already has finally announced.

The truly unfortunate thing in this second generation of Urbane LG is, his performance has not changed with previous generations, where the previous generation is not very convenient to use.

LG chose to bring up the screen from his latest smartwatch than stripping it. Latest LG artificial smartwatch in diameter along the 1.33 inch, with a screen that is used in the form of P-OLED screen.

Resolution for the screen from the smartwatch itself was at 480 x 480 pixels, which is larger than the first generation of Urbane smartwatch resolutions that are at a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

Casing, or dress that wrap the smartwatch is made of stainless steel type 316 l type this is iron. type of iron that have high resistance against dust and water. Is said to have a "high resistance" does not mean this anti smartwatch against water (waterproof).

On its release later in the market, it said it will have a few color choices. This is done in anticipation of the market when buyers ask smartwatch colors that match the diverse choice of colors on the latest smartphone LG named LG V10.

To its specifications themselves, can be said to be Urbane smartwatch is superior compared to other android smartwatch.

It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from i.e. Snapdragon 400, smartwatch RAM also has a fairly large IE 768 MB. Any internal memory capacity is quite big by 4 GB.

Thanks to its size that used a bulky or large, LG can immerse large-capacity batteries on the smartwatch battery with a capacity of 570 mAh. Where is the battery with a capacity of this size is a battery with more capacity than competitors or other vendors.

That might attract the attention of Wi-Fi devices, and his/her mobile phone antenna is embedded on a string winder and not on the clock. In the smartwatch, you will find a variety of features that you normally find in other sensors to smartwatch measuring heart rate, pedometer, barometer, compass and gyroscope.

Smart clock from LG is also compatible with other iOS and Android devices. So that its users can buy them though smartphones used is not LG.

For prices and availability, LG still has yet to announce it to the public. But for the release of its own, LG said that it will be available for the first time in the United States and South Korea. [FM]

Lenovo Ideapad Y50-Latest Gaming Laptop

There are many latest Lenovo notebooks that come out every month. Quite reasonable, considering the manufacturer Lenovo is quite productive in providing the device is a laptop or notebook. One that will come out in the near future is the latest gaming laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y50. What is interesting from a device that was first introduced at the CES for 2014? Here is the complete review.

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The latest gaming laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y50 comes with the concept of a simple design but it looks mighty. Ditelisik more in this latest Lenovo, notebook comes with the concept of product design other Lenovo Y500 Lenovo Ideapad IE. It's just that the Lenovo Ideapad present more sleek than Lenovod Ideapad Y500. But kerampingan is certainly not reduce the impression conveyed by the savage products wrapped in black livery.

Lenovo Ideapad Display

This latest Lenovo notebook comes with the concept of the desired screen dimensions are large and comfortable. The resolution was not given the responsibility-ranggung. The dimensions of the screen turned out to support the concept of screen 4 k resolution of 3840 x 2160 i.e. pixels. The screen dimensions really makes this device the more "vicious" only.

Certainly as a gaming notebook, the screen resolution of 4 k is a value plus. That resolution certainly qualifies as unusual. But Lenovo also gives you the option if there are users who want Full HD resolution with i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. In addition to the option resolutions, Lenovo Ideapad Y50 also comes with a touch screen and screen option that doesn't support touch technology.

The keyboard and Touchpad
In terms of keyboard and toucpad on this device is quite interesting. Part of the touchpad on a Lenovo notebook gaming it might look good, though a bit spacious compared to other notebooks. Of particular interest is the section keyboard Lenovo Ideapad Y50. The keyboard on this device is a type of Keyboard AccuType.
The keyboard is a type of keyboard is designed to make users feel comfortable typing. This keyboard is also designed to make users comfortable when worn to play games. Moreover, the keyboard on the Ideapad Y50 it comes with red backlight model concept that increasingly make this device look dashing.

For the problem of the kitchen runway, notebook Lenovo Y50 powered Intel Core processor Intel Core i7 4702HQ. A this is a very tough. Let alone a that has a speed of 3.2 Ghz with HT or feature hyper threading and Turbo Boost.

Types, prices and advantages of Running Text

Running text is beyond media information or media advertisement for business owners. Running text can contain information or quotes owned by peilik effort for the customer. Running text that are on the market today consists of a variety of sorts as well as price. Running text is most often used to advertise the promotion of a place of business or important information in a public place. All the running text listed below generally have used energy-saving LED lights, but in some stores use LED lights with bad quality so it has a cheaper price. Although it is entirely the right buyers but it is advisable to have a running text with prices over the medium-to have a longer lasting and more energy-efficient. If you are looking for information about selling running text, then we will describe in this article. in general the kinds of running text is distinguished from broad or number of colors as well as the complexity of the program used. Here we will describe the kinds of prices, the following advantages of running text.

img source wikipedia

1. ordinary Running text

This type of running text is running text the most frequently used and found in General. Running text is usually only have one line of information and a single color LED light. Running text is enough if you want to convey infor hanyalh certain goods price information or date and place of tertenttu or a particular situation. The price of running text is in the range of Rp2,000, 000 – Rp3,000, 000 in accordance with customer needs.

2. Running text tricolor

Running text is usually have a width of more than ordinary running text and has the color of the LED lights more and interesting. The right LED color combination can make the running text more interesting and attracting more customer or convey information to more people. This type of running text sold approximately Rp5,000, 000 -10,000, 000 tailored to customer needs. The greater the running text is getting higher price. Even so, the running text is guaranteed energy saving features using LEDS are more power saving as well as durable.

3. Running text full-color

Running text full-color is the most exciting running text that has a range of many colors and combinations are endless. Running text is typically used in very large scale to be seen even from the distance is very far and used similar TV very big in size and color. This type of running text is running text the most interesting and informative for our customer. The price range for running text is Rp22,600 – – Rp40,000, 000 or more in line with the needs of the owners of the running text
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