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Update the Status not important in linkedin

Please enter a LinkedIn profile with your actual data, starting from the date of birth, phone numbers that can be reached, official website, your location, and other profile content. So too with Your company or business account. Thus, people will get the right information and clear. And the contents of this profile also affects once against the success of marketing your business.

Avoid insignificant status update that You may often do in other social media. For example, you're a little-a little status update is now looking at the cinema, being the streets, or other. We recommend that you avoid sharing personal status, or may be political, religious, and cultural. Because social media LinkedIn does not discuss all of it. They discussed the question of business and building a network of larger businesses.

Then the appropriate share the theme of social media. Suppose you share about your company's Charity program activities on LinkedIn. The most important share things as necessary, and in accordance with the related business, networking, and professional.
4. Be a person that Narcissist

Have you ever been in an event that was attended by many people, and you find someone who can't stop talking about herself to others? A lot of people on LinkedIn promoting himself in excess and continuously throughout the day. Avoid being narcissistic like this because it can make others feel irritated to see it.

We encourage you to share the things that are positive and original. Share as needed, for example, share about your latest activities in the company, so if other people see they can be interested and might just be Your partner at a later date. The nature of the narcissist in the social media show signs that we are not professionals and this can be bad for the network to be built.

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5. Ignoring your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is not only for job seekers, or as site promotion company. LinkedIn is also the infinite chain between users, where we can be in the forefront and famous in the network.

Try to make a Quote or image every week who have values and professional work. LinkedIn also Pulse Monitor for there contains many resources to help you build your expertise in the field of marketing, affiliate marketing, and find customers online. It's time to start treating LinkedIn as a powerful platform. Your profile should look professional, and look like an expert.

Need an example? Try to visit the profile of Dharmesh Shah or Brigette Hyacinth to see how they build a large network on LinkedIn. Take the time to understand more of the benefits of social media on this one in order to give greater benefit to you.

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Review Best running text outdoor

Review Best running text  in surabaya The company just got funding around $ 800,000 from the NewFund and has some investors such as Oleg Tschelzoff, Michel Meyer, Theo Martin and Davy Kestens.

Review Best running text outdoorThe company competes with the call center as a SaaS company Talkdesk solutions and support other existing phone service. It is difficult to know whether the French company will be able to reassure customers, but up to this point has been successfully Aircall 300,000 calls. This figure is certainly a pretty impressive numbers for a young startup in jual running text murah display

Review Best running text led Animated Pattern Maker Application Developer's Creativity In


World #teknologi continues to exhibit a positive trend, even technology for education also keeps popping up. It would certainly be very helpful to children in various country to get science easy and fun.

#Pendidikan is a right that must be obtained by every child in the world without having to look at the social status and financial capabilities. Be smart kids who are certainly very coveted by every child learning, playing and fun will make them more alive with the hope their lives will be changed.

Being a kid is always fun, filled with adventure and fun. Play and learning have always been filled with curiosity. Drawing on paper, made from paper and other boats. Then how would it be if your child not only taught drawing on paper? What if your child is beginning to learn to create something impressive and interesting-shaped digital?

Kidkit present in our midst with an application that is able to make your child learn how to create attractive animation shaped digital, moving and interesting not just images on a piece of paper that does not move quietly, Shapekit the name of the application. Shapekit own up to this point are presented in the form of a special application for the Ipad.

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Early ShapeKit

Based in Seoul and New York City and developed by Taesang Cho, Caroline Oh and Young Sang Cho, ShapeKit is the first release of KidKit, a new studio that focuses on #aplikasi and products for children. Shapekit himself is currently on sale at the appstore at a price of $ 2.99. Application of Shapekit is quite decent for you to use, this application teach shapes, colors, combining shapes and angles. Made interesting because full color is very suitable for children.
The purpose of establishing Shapekit

Designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old, Shapekit is intended for children with different development stages. There is a mode of learning, which teaches basic shapes and colors. After they understand the basics, children can use the tools that allow them to combine forms, other forms of connecting shapes and add other decorations.

At the end of the lesson, they can create animation frame-by-frame. By using simple tools, ShapeKit allows the imagination and creativity to flourish. It's amazing how a couple of circles, squares and triangles can be assembled into a variety of forms such as unlimited unique creatures and machines. ShapeKit inspired by building blocks and vintage Colorforms, but its creator is not only relying on skeumorphism to make ShapeKit interesting.

Facebook Messenger Release Features Video Calling

Aircall is an application that you can install and set up in just minutes. This application allows you to obtain phone numbers around the world, adding fellow, place and receive or make a call on the device. All managed in application Aircall.

"We launched the desktop and application Chrome which acts as a virtual phone," explains co founder and CEO – Olivier Pailhes. " Our many working on collaboration features. We have a shared Inbox for the whole team, the shared address book and more. “

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The Application Features Aircall

Aircall has some interesting features including:

Instant numbers in 30 countries, get a local or toll free number directly in the local country or in any country in which you operate.
All in one place, manage all numbers and users in one place even if they are spread all over the world.
Opening hours, decide when each number you are open to receive the call.
Click To Call, add the keys directly on your website. Allow visitors to contact you. Use your design or design of the Aircall.
Real time modifications, add or remove users that are associated to the number in a single click.
Analytics, track the performance of Your phone support. Calculate the percentage of missed calls, as well as the number of calls to their respective teams.
Unlimited concurrent calls, make and receive many calls simultaneously as you want on your number without limits.
Shared Contacts, shared contacts that you create with your team so that everyone knows who is calling. You can also store some personal contacts if you want.
Voicemail by email, receive a voice message in your mailbox. Listen to Voicemail directly from the email.
Hold with music, hold a call with a melodious song, so enjoy the caller waiting when you check out their complaints.
Webhooks & fire, connect call information with Your other business #software. And many other interesting features.

Aircall User Applications

Until recently, most of the clients existing Aircall is a small French companies only need to handle multiple calls per day. But the Aircall began working with big companies that rely on many calls to support their phone service, such as service on-demand chef La Belle Assiette.

"Some of these clients manage between 5 and 15 phone numbers, with 10 or 20 people who use Aircall every day," said Pailhes. " These companies are also promoting our products, regularly ask us to create new features and give valuable feedback. "continued Pailhes. If you are part of the people-people who need support, phone service could become a Centre for Aircall all your cell phone needs.

Behind the scenes, Aircall using WebRTC so that you can make and receive calls directly from your computer. The company is also working on mobile applications. As software services lainny, Aircall starts from a price of $ 29 per month and will cost more if you need more features and users.

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Google AdWords Keyword Planner Function

1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

The first tools to be able to attract more visitors blog is Google Adword Keyword Planner. By using the Google Adword Keyword Planner you will be helped to filter traffic based on blog topic search. Do I just input the keywords we want, some terms or other variations that are currently popular will appear and ready to wear.

To use the Adword Keyword #Google Planner this effectively there are a few things to note: first, the bloggers don't select keywords based on traffic because it will be very difficult to compete with Your competitors.

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Both of you should remember that competition in Keyword Planner is not an actual competition in the search engines, but that is a certain competition for Google AdWords are completely separate.
2. Topsy

Next, the tools to be able to attract more visitors blog is Topsy. With Topsy will help draw up a list of people who share our content, whether they are in the tag or not.

Thus you will be very easy to interact with readers who commented directly on our site, or give our social tag shares them. This is indeed the tools really useful for building relationships with a new reader of your blog.
3. Ubersuggest

By entering specific keywords, Ubersuggest will present the list of A-Z all words in a Google search that have been added at the end of the phrase.

The existence of the list #blogger would be it helpful directing posts to be created. If we had trouble finding a new blog topic, Ubersuggest can also help you by providing advice on a particular topic.
4. Hemingway App

Before mempublish the content, try to check it out again with the tools to use the app. Hemingway Hemingway App, you can just do a copy and paste your content into the App, then Hemingway tools will provide a complete analysis of the sentence is hard to read, a sentence that is very hard to read, too the number of additional words and also the word or phrase that is more simple.
5. the MozBar

MozBar by You will be able to analyze Your website or blog to ensure basic #SEO websites like meta descriptions, all texts, etc. Mozbar indeed is complete enough to analyze the domain and page authorities, on-page SEO, social shares, and many more.

To enable the tools which is one of the Chrome extension is you live typing in keywords that we want. Shortly after that the MozBar will display the domain authority to rank #website appropriate keywords we choose.

If you have difficulties to be on the first page in the search results in Google, you can use a variety of long-tail keyword (keyword length) which has trafific and competition is low, so the position was shooting for top rankings.

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6. SlideShare

Lastly, the tools to be able to attract more visitors blog is SlideShare. With SlideShare, bloggers can change one of the blog posts into a SlideShare presentation. Once the content is uploaded on SlideShare, you can embed a SlideShare deck on LinkedIn, WordpPress and other sites to increase traffic the number of visitors coming to your blog.

Indeed it takes a few hours to really make quality content. But with SlideShare you will helped create an effective content remarketing.

That's a few free tools that can be used to attract visitors to your blog you have. But still you have to remember that tools-tools above is merely an additional tool to help the work. Business and strategy of our blog continues to be the main and most important to be organised in an attempt to attract more visitors.

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Your Employees Are Lazy? Try To Fix This Way

Managing a company is not a trivial matter. In the company not only is required to able to manage #peluang existing business, but more than that, you are also able to manage employees sued.

Employees as one of the major aspects should be a top priority in the manajerisasi. Why so, because when there is something against employees, decreased work productivity for example, then it would significantly affect the company.

Well, the problem that we often encounter is, when management encourage employee productivity, which is exactly the opposite. Many of the employees that are not in line with the program of management because they are lazy. This becomes a problem is dangerous if not immediately get the right solution. If you are also experiencing the same thing, trying to do some tips below to resolve the issue.
1. Treat Employees As Investors

This may be rarely done by some companies. The question then is how does it mean treating the employees as well as investors. In treating an investor, surely you can not mess around. In conveying information also so, you should provide the info sejujur-jujurnya.

Now, employees are expected to also be treated like other investors. Provide honest information on them. Although also not by providing access to information as free-free. At least you're honest to them, and this means a lot to them.

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2. The employee is not a machine, so let Them Rest as well

You need to know that the employee is also a very human need rest and refreshing. Can't You keep pressing them in work assignments from the company. The longer they work will be increasingly ineffective if you force them without giving break stuff for a moment. Take a moment to celebrate the success that was made very nice to refresh their brains.

Indeed in managing employees of each company has different ways and methods. However, working with pressure without any time off would be a deadly poison at any time. Since working in an atmosphere that is uncomfortable and stressed that continued support will surely bring up the potential rebellion that could be out of your control.
3. Please show up in the Middle when the Employee's working hours

It's not about controlling them, but more than that, you did a great help in the process of improving the #motivasi employees. You could ask little things related work that they are working on. Remember, do not give questions cornered this time. If you if want to give a little warning to the employee, should find its own time and place.

This way is more effective if you do with communicative to them. So, do not appear in the middle of the employees then you just be quiet, it is not very good. At least give the familiar greeting to them.
4. Provide supporting facilities of their work

One of the factors that makes a lot of lazy employees in working is because the existing facilities. Very minimal facilities could trigger an employee into a slacker. So, before telling them to be employees who are diligent, it's good if the first supporting facilities are provided in the job.

Can't You just ask for them to be diligent, while facilities are provided as supporting work was minimal. When all the facilities are readily available they are lazy, then you also have to be able to act firmly. You could do a rebuke or sanction when they still do not have a dedication on the job.

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5. Frequently Invited they discuss

Do not be a stiff. Especially when you deal with subordinates, be personally interesting. Become rigid and do not ever want to listen to others, will make you as one who is not respected. Occasionally invite your employees discuss discuss the future of the company that is being developed.

Appreciate their role as one of the important factors in raising company. With often invites discussion, will make them feel valued and appreciated his work. And, of course this could make their motivation increases in work.

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The latest from LG smartwatch Appear Different

It finally became a reality, Although not the first smartwatch mobile connections (samsung first to make it), the second generation of artificial Smartwatch LG LTE connections which already has finally announced.

The truly unfortunate thing in this second generation of Urbane LG is, his performance has not changed with previous generations, where the previous generation is not very convenient to use.

LG chose to bring up the screen from his latest smartwatch than stripping it. Latest LG artificial smartwatch in diameter along the 1.33 inch, with a screen that is used in the form of P-OLED screen.

Resolution for the screen from the smartwatch itself was at 480 x 480 pixels, which is larger than the first generation of Urbane smartwatch resolutions that are at a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

Casing, or dress that wrap the smartwatch is made of stainless steel type 316 l type this is iron. type of iron that have high resistance against dust and water. Is said to have a "high resistance" does not mean this anti smartwatch against water (waterproof).

On its release later in the market, it said it will have a few color choices. This is done in anticipation of the market when buyers ask smartwatch colors that match the diverse choice of colors on the latest smartphone LG named LG V10.

To its specifications themselves, can be said to be Urbane smartwatch is superior compared to other android smartwatch.

It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from i.e. Snapdragon 400, smartwatch RAM also has a fairly large IE 768 MB. Any internal memory capacity is quite big by 4 GB.

Thanks to its size that used a bulky or large, LG can immerse large-capacity batteries on the smartwatch battery with a capacity of 570 mAh. Where is the battery with a capacity of this size is a battery with more capacity than competitors or other vendors.

That might attract the attention of Wi-Fi devices, and his/her mobile phone antenna is embedded on a string winder and not on the clock. In the smartwatch, you will find a variety of features that you normally find in other sensors to smartwatch measuring heart rate, pedometer, barometer, compass and gyroscope.

Smart clock from LG is also compatible with other iOS and Android devices. So that its users can buy them though smartphones used is not LG.

For prices and availability, LG still has yet to announce it to the public. But for the release of its own, LG said that it will be available for the first time in the United States and South Korea. [FM]

Lenovo Ideapad Y50-Latest Gaming Laptop

There are many latest Lenovo notebooks that come out every month. Quite reasonable, considering the manufacturer Lenovo is quite productive in providing the device is a laptop or notebook. One that will come out in the near future is the latest gaming laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y50. What is interesting from a device that was first introduced at the CES for 2014? Here is the complete review.

source image Bing.com

The latest gaming laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y50 comes with the concept of a simple design but it looks mighty. Ditelisik more in this latest Lenovo, notebook comes with the concept of product design other Lenovo Y500 Lenovo Ideapad IE. It's just that the Lenovo Ideapad present more sleek than Lenovod Ideapad Y500. But kerampingan is certainly not reduce the impression conveyed by the savage products wrapped in black livery.

Lenovo Ideapad Display

This latest Lenovo notebook comes with the concept of the desired screen dimensions are large and comfortable. The resolution was not given the responsibility-ranggung. The dimensions of the screen turned out to support the concept of screen 4 k resolution of 3840 x 2160 i.e. pixels. The screen dimensions really makes this device the more "vicious" only.

Certainly as a gaming notebook, the screen resolution of 4 k is a value plus. That resolution certainly qualifies as unusual. But Lenovo also gives you the option if there are users who want Full HD resolution with i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. In addition to the option resolutions, Lenovo Ideapad Y50 also comes with a touch screen and screen option that doesn't support touch technology.

The keyboard and Touchpad
In terms of keyboard and toucpad on this device is quite interesting. Part of the touchpad on a Lenovo notebook gaming it might look good, though a bit spacious compared to other notebooks. Of particular interest is the section keyboard Lenovo Ideapad Y50. The keyboard on this device is a type of Keyboard AccuType.
The keyboard is a type of keyboard is designed to make users feel comfortable typing. This keyboard is also designed to make users comfortable when worn to play games. Moreover, the keyboard on the Ideapad Y50 it comes with red backlight model concept that increasingly make this device look dashing.

For the problem of the kitchen runway, notebook Lenovo Y50 powered Intel Core processor Intel Core i7 4702HQ. A this is a very tough. Let alone a that has a speed of 3.2 Ghz with HT or feature hyper threading and Turbo Boost.
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