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Google AdWords Keyword Planner Function

1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

The first tools to be able to attract more visitors blog is Google Adword Keyword Planner. By using the Google Adword Keyword Planner you will be helped to filter traffic based on blog topic search. Do I just input the keywords we want, some terms or other variations that are currently popular will appear and ready to wear.

To use the Adword Keyword #Google Planner this effectively there are a few things to note: first, the bloggers don't select keywords based on traffic because it will be very difficult to compete with Your competitors.

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Both of you should remember that competition in Keyword Planner is not an actual competition in the search engines, but that is a certain competition for Google AdWords are completely separate.
2. Topsy

Next, the tools to be able to attract more visitors blog is Topsy. With Topsy will help draw up a list of people who share our content, whether they are in the tag or not.

Thus you will be very easy to interact with readers who commented directly on our site, or give our social tag shares them. This is indeed the tools really useful for building relationships with a new reader of your blog.
3. Ubersuggest

By entering specific keywords, Ubersuggest will present the list of A-Z all words in a Google search that have been added at the end of the phrase.

The existence of the list #blogger would be it helpful directing posts to be created. If we had trouble finding a new blog topic, Ubersuggest can also help you by providing advice on a particular topic.
4. Hemingway App

Before mempublish the content, try to check it out again with the tools to use the app. Hemingway Hemingway App, you can just do a copy and paste your content into the App, then Hemingway tools will provide a complete analysis of the sentence is hard to read, a sentence that is very hard to read, too the number of additional words and also the word or phrase that is more simple.
5. the MozBar

MozBar by You will be able to analyze Your website or blog to ensure basic #SEO websites like meta descriptions, all texts, etc. Mozbar indeed is complete enough to analyze the domain and page authorities, on-page SEO, social shares, and many more.

To enable the tools which is one of the Chrome extension is you live typing in keywords that we want. Shortly after that the MozBar will display the domain authority to rank #website appropriate keywords we choose.

If you have difficulties to be on the first page in the search results in Google, you can use a variety of long-tail keyword (keyword length) which has trafific and competition is low, so the position was shooting for top rankings.

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6. SlideShare

Lastly, the tools to be able to attract more visitors blog is SlideShare. With SlideShare, bloggers can change one of the blog posts into a SlideShare presentation. Once the content is uploaded on SlideShare, you can embed a SlideShare deck on LinkedIn, WordpPress and other sites to increase traffic the number of visitors coming to your blog.

Indeed it takes a few hours to really make quality content. But with SlideShare you will helped create an effective content remarketing.

That's a few free tools that can be used to attract visitors to your blog you have. But still you have to remember that tools-tools above is merely an additional tool to help the work. Business and strategy of our blog continues to be the main and most important to be organised in an attempt to attract more visitors.

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