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Facebook Messenger Release Features Video Calling

Aircall is an application that you can install and set up in just minutes. This application allows you to obtain phone numbers around the world, adding fellow, place and receive or make a call on the device. All managed in application Aircall.

"We launched the desktop and application Chrome which acts as a virtual phone," explains co founder and CEO – Olivier Pailhes. " Our many working on collaboration features. We have a shared Inbox for the whole team, the shared address book and more. “

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The Application Features Aircall

Aircall has some interesting features including:

Instant numbers in 30 countries, get a local or toll free number directly in the local country or in any country in which you operate.
All in one place, manage all numbers and users in one place even if they are spread all over the world.
Opening hours, decide when each number you are open to receive the call.
Click To Call, add the keys directly on your website. Allow visitors to contact you. Use your design or design of the Aircall.
Real time modifications, add or remove users that are associated to the number in a single click.
Analytics, track the performance of Your phone support. Calculate the percentage of missed calls, as well as the number of calls to their respective teams.
Unlimited concurrent calls, make and receive many calls simultaneously as you want on your number without limits.
Shared Contacts, shared contacts that you create with your team so that everyone knows who is calling. You can also store some personal contacts if you want.
Voicemail by email, receive a voice message in your mailbox. Listen to Voicemail directly from the email.
Hold with music, hold a call with a melodious song, so enjoy the caller waiting when you check out their complaints.
Webhooks & fire, connect call information with Your other business #software. And many other interesting features.

Aircall User Applications

Until recently, most of the clients existing Aircall is a small French companies only need to handle multiple calls per day. But the Aircall began working with big companies that rely on many calls to support their phone service, such as service on-demand chef La Belle Assiette.

"Some of these clients manage between 5 and 15 phone numbers, with 10 or 20 people who use Aircall every day," said Pailhes. " These companies are also promoting our products, regularly ask us to create new features and give valuable feedback. "continued Pailhes. If you are part of the people-people who need support, phone service could become a Centre for Aircall all your cell phone needs.

Behind the scenes, Aircall using WebRTC so that you can make and receive calls directly from your computer. The company is also working on mobile applications. As software services lainny, Aircall starts from a price of $ 29 per month and will cost more if you need more features and users.

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