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Types, prices and advantages of Running Text

Running text is beyond media information or media advertisement for business owners. Running text can contain information or quotes owned by peilik effort for the customer. Running text that are on the market today consists of a variety of sorts as well as price. Running text is most often used to advertise the promotion of a place of business or important information in a public place. All the running text listed below generally have used energy-saving LED lights, but in some stores use LED lights with bad quality so it has a cheaper price. Although it is entirely the right buyers but it is advisable to have a running text with prices over the medium-to have a longer lasting and more energy-efficient. If you are looking for information about selling running text, then we will describe in this article. in general the kinds of running text is distinguished from broad or number of colors as well as the complexity of the program used. Here we will describe the kinds of prices, the following advantages of running text.

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1. ordinary Running text

This type of running text is running text the most frequently used and found in General. Running text is usually only have one line of information and a single color LED light. Running text is enough if you want to convey infor hanyalh certain goods price information or date and place of tertenttu or a particular situation. The price of running text is in the range of Rp2,000, 000 – Rp3,000, 000 in accordance with customer needs.

2. Running text tricolor

Running text is usually have a width of more than ordinary running text and has the color of the LED lights more and interesting. The right LED color combination can make the running text more interesting and attracting more customer or convey information to more people. This type of running text sold approximately Rp5,000, 000 -10,000, 000 tailored to customer needs. The greater the running text is getting higher price. Even so, the running text is guaranteed energy saving features using LEDS are more power saving as well as durable.

3. Running text full-color

Running text full-color is the most exciting running text that has a range of many colors and combinations are endless. Running text is typically used in very large scale to be seen even from the distance is very far and used similar TV very big in size and color. This type of running text is running text the most interesting and informative for our customer. The price range for running text is Rp22,600 – – Rp40,000, 000 or more in line with the needs of the owners of the running text

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