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Your Employees Are Lazy? Try To Fix This Way

Managing a company is not a trivial matter. In the company not only is required to able to manage #peluang existing business, but more than that, you are also able to manage employees sued.

Employees as one of the major aspects should be a top priority in the manajerisasi. Why so, because when there is something against employees, decreased work productivity for example, then it would significantly affect the company.

Well, the problem that we often encounter is, when management encourage employee productivity, which is exactly the opposite. Many of the employees that are not in line with the program of management because they are lazy. This becomes a problem is dangerous if not immediately get the right solution. If you are also experiencing the same thing, trying to do some tips below to resolve the issue.
1. Treat Employees As Investors

This may be rarely done by some companies. The question then is how does it mean treating the employees as well as investors. In treating an investor, surely you can not mess around. In conveying information also so, you should provide the info sejujur-jujurnya.

Now, employees are expected to also be treated like other investors. Provide honest information on them. Although also not by providing access to information as free-free. At least you're honest to them, and this means a lot to them.

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2. The employee is not a machine, so let Them Rest as well

You need to know that the employee is also a very human need rest and refreshing. Can't You keep pressing them in work assignments from the company. The longer they work will be increasingly ineffective if you force them without giving break stuff for a moment. Take a moment to celebrate the success that was made very nice to refresh their brains.

Indeed in managing employees of each company has different ways and methods. However, working with pressure without any time off would be a deadly poison at any time. Since working in an atmosphere that is uncomfortable and stressed that continued support will surely bring up the potential rebellion that could be out of your control.
3. Please show up in the Middle when the Employee's working hours

It's not about controlling them, but more than that, you did a great help in the process of improving the #motivasi employees. You could ask little things related work that they are working on. Remember, do not give questions cornered this time. If you if want to give a little warning to the employee, should find its own time and place.

This way is more effective if you do with communicative to them. So, do not appear in the middle of the employees then you just be quiet, it is not very good. At least give the familiar greeting to them.
4. Provide supporting facilities of their work

One of the factors that makes a lot of lazy employees in working is because the existing facilities. Very minimal facilities could trigger an employee into a slacker. So, before telling them to be employees who are diligent, it's good if the first supporting facilities are provided in the job.

Can't You just ask for them to be diligent, while facilities are provided as supporting work was minimal. When all the facilities are readily available they are lazy, then you also have to be able to act firmly. You could do a rebuke or sanction when they still do not have a dedication on the job.

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5. Frequently Invited they discuss

Do not be a stiff. Especially when you deal with subordinates, be personally interesting. Become rigid and do not ever want to listen to others, will make you as one who is not respected. Occasionally invite your employees discuss discuss the future of the company that is being developed.

Appreciate their role as one of the important factors in raising company. With often invites discussion, will make them feel valued and appreciated his work. And, of course this could make their motivation increases in work.

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