Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015

The latest from LG smartwatch Appear Different

It finally became a reality, Although not the first smartwatch mobile connections (samsung first to make it), the second generation of artificial Smartwatch LG LTE connections which already has finally announced.

The truly unfortunate thing in this second generation of Urbane LG is, his performance has not changed with previous generations, where the previous generation is not very convenient to use.

LG chose to bring up the screen from his latest smartwatch than stripping it. Latest LG artificial smartwatch in diameter along the 1.33 inch, with a screen that is used in the form of P-OLED screen.

Resolution for the screen from the smartwatch itself was at 480 x 480 pixels, which is larger than the first generation of Urbane smartwatch resolutions that are at a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

Casing, or dress that wrap the smartwatch is made of stainless steel type 316 l type this is iron. type of iron that have high resistance against dust and water. Is said to have a "high resistance" does not mean this anti smartwatch against water (waterproof).

On its release later in the market, it said it will have a few color choices. This is done in anticipation of the market when buyers ask smartwatch colors that match the diverse choice of colors on the latest smartphone LG named LG V10.

To its specifications themselves, can be said to be Urbane smartwatch is superior compared to other android smartwatch.

It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from i.e. Snapdragon 400, smartwatch RAM also has a fairly large IE 768 MB. Any internal memory capacity is quite big by 4 GB.

Thanks to its size that used a bulky or large, LG can immerse large-capacity batteries on the smartwatch battery with a capacity of 570 mAh. Where is the battery with a capacity of this size is a battery with more capacity than competitors or other vendors.

That might attract the attention of Wi-Fi devices, and his/her mobile phone antenna is embedded on a string winder and not on the clock. In the smartwatch, you will find a variety of features that you normally find in other sensors to smartwatch measuring heart rate, pedometer, barometer, compass and gyroscope.

Smart clock from LG is also compatible with other iOS and Android devices. So that its users can buy them though smartphones used is not LG.

For prices and availability, LG still has yet to announce it to the public. But for the release of its own, LG said that it will be available for the first time in the United States and South Korea. [FM]

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